Welcome to the Geo-Energy Lab – Gaznat Chair on Geo-Energy website

We are working on fundamentals and applied research problems associated with sub-surface Geo-Energy projects (deep geo-thermal energy, CO­2 storage, Oil and Gas production).  More specifically, we are interested in improving the efficiency and sustainability of fluid injection and withdrawal from porous reservoirs located in the upper earth crust. Our research aims at both improving industry practices and providing to decision makers, regulatory bodies and the public expertise on fundamental and practical problems related to Geo-Energy.

Our research relates to fluid-solid couplings in geomechanics and their applications in the field of environmental, geo-energy engineering, seismology and tectonophysics. Our primary focus is on the interplay between stress, deformation, fracture and fluid flow in geo-materials. The feedback between fracture and fluid flow (i.e. the associated variation of permeability) plays a key role in almost all geo-energy related projects. We are currently working on the propagation of fluid-driven fractures both from a theoretical and experimental point of view.  We also have an interest in numerical algorithms for better data integration in large-scale reservoir geomechanic models – a domain where uncertainty and scarcity of data is the rule.

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Prof. Brice Lecampion


New arrivals at the Geo-Energy Lab

Dr Lorenzo Benedetti and Mitra Asadollahi have joined the Geo-Energy Lab - Gaznat chair on Geo-Energy, respectively on April 1st, and June 1st 2017.